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Join the epic underwater adventure in the fishtastic game of! Get into the feeding frenzy and enjoy the thrill of eating other fishes! There's only one straightforward rule to follow - Eat' em all or be eaten! So, just eat, eat and eat to become the king of the water kingdom!

Enter the two-minute piscine battle and eat maximum fishes to become the ultimate predator. Munch on sea weed to gain mass and eat smaller fishes to get bigger. Sounds easy? Wrong! There are bigger fishes on the hunt - Escape from their jaws by splitting into mini fish!

Unlike, mitos, nebulous, osmos and other multiplayer games, you can choose from many colourful fishes in! Use touch or joystick control and swim with ease in the vast ocean filled with treasures - Earn gold coins and become the wealthiest fish in the ocean!

Can't wait to relish this fishy delight? Download the mouth-watering game now!

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Battle Evolution

Evolution is the key to survival in this battle of jaws! Collect the missing pieces and eat more food to evolve into a deadlier fish with improved speed and higher powers. Grow to reach the higher stages of evolution and become the apex predator in the ocean. But don't get killed or you will be back to square one in the evolution cycle.

Underwater Tournaments

Take part in the awesome tournaments and unlock epic & legendary rewards every day! Join the thrilling month-long tournament to become ultimate fish slayer. Collect maximum fishes and show off your special skills in the underwater tournament battles.

Go Social, Get Big Rewards

Now you can 'Eat' your friends as well as get rewards from them whenever they are having a good munch! Invite them with their Game ID for unlimited munching sessions. The top 5 players will be rewarded abundantly with some of the rarest fish bowls and lots of Gold Coins.

Shops & Promotions

Get the best of from our daily shop and promotions. Open the Shop section and you can buy Tournament Tickets, Rare, Uncommon and Common Fish Bowls and much needed resources. Why wait when you can get 'em all! Make your purchase today or redeem the offers from our daily promotions!

Choose Your Fish

Some love beasts while some love the cute ones! Select your favorite tiny fish from a selection of many different fishes (unlike, osmosis, mitos, etc) and go for an epic underwater battle. Each fish has its own unique ability and style - Some may surprise you with invisibility while others can poo on your enemies. It's always fun to unlock these fishes and use their powers - Pick Your Fish Now!

Timed Aquatic Combat

Join the thrilling combat and top the leaderboard to lift big trophies! Compete in the 2-minute multiplayer game action and eat maximum fishes to become the ultimate predator. It's more fun to play with friends - Invite your friends to join the eating frenzy and have great fun!

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