How to Play EatMe.io

You can download EatMe.io game from the android play store and iOS app store. The game is free to download and you can enjoy playing right away.

What are the controls of EatMe.io

You can choose from the virtual joystick or from the tap to move option. You can always change the controls by going to settings > Controls to select your option.

What happens when the fish splits? How to merge?

You can split the fish to increase the speed and eat more food at a time. You can swim in one direction to merge together as one giant fish.

Can I change the name once set?

You can change your Alias by going to settings > Tutorial to set your new name. Once you set a new name you can skip the tutorial to start playing again.

Can I play with friends?

You have the option to connect with Facebook and you can invite your friends. You can join in the same room to connect with your friends. View the scores in the leaderboard section.

How to evolve in a game

You need to collect all the items needed for evolution by unlocking fishing bowls. Once the items are collected, you need to hatch it. Once hatched, you can evolve by eating more fish.