Distribution of Rewards

Tournament Rewards

EatMe.io tournaments run for a season of 30 days. The daily tournament leaderboard runs for 24 hours (3:00 AM to 3:00 AM GMT). You can win Fish Bowls, Fish Tanks, Gold Coins and Tournament Star Rewards if you rank in the daily tournament leaderboard! Following are the reward details for each tier:

Tier Winner Rank Reward Star Reward
Bronze 1st Rare Bowl 2 Star
2nd 2500 Gold 1 Star
3rd 1500 Gold 1 Star
4-5th 1000 Gold 0
6th-10th 750 Gold 0
11th-15th 250 Gold 0
Silver 1st Epic Bowl 1 Star
2nd Rare Bowl 1 Star
3rd 2000 Coins 1 Star
4-5th 1500 Coins 0
6th-10th 1000 Coins 0
11th-15th 500 Coins 0
Gold 1st Giant Tank 1 Star
2nd Epic Bowl 1 Star
3rd Rare Bowl 0
4-5th 2000 Coins 0
6th-10th 1500 Coins 0
11th-15th 1000 Coins 0
Diamond 1st Magical Tank 1 Star
2nd Giant Tank 0
3rd Epic Bowl 0
4-5th 3000 Coins 0
6th-10th 2500 Coins 0
11th-15th 1500 Coins 0
Legendary 1st Super Magical 1 Star
2nd Magical 0
3rd Giant 0
4-5th 4000 Coins 0
6th-10th 3000 Coins 0
11th-15th 2000 Coins 0

Daily / Weekly Leaderboard Rewards

The leaderboard section of EatMe.io lists the daily and weekly rank of players. Rewards are given out to the first 100 winners of the daily and weekly leaderboard. Following are the reward details:

Leaderboard Type Winner Rank Reward
Daily 1st Giant Tank
2nd Epic Bowl
3rd Rare Bowl
4-5th 1000 Coins
6th-10th 750 Coins
11th-15th 500 Coins
26th-50th 250 Coins
51st-75th 125 Coins
76th-100th 50 Coins
Weekly 1st Magic Tank
2nd Giant Tank
3rd Epic Bowl
4-5th 2500 Coins
6th-10th 2000 Coins
11th-15th 1000 Coins
26th-50th 750 Coins
51st-75th 500 Coins
76th-100th 250 Coins

Conditions to join a friend.

In the game, you have the option to play with your friends who are connected and visible in the ‘Friends’ section. For a fair gaming experience, any of the following conditions should be met to play with your friends.

- Both of the players have played a minimum of 10 games each.

- Both of the players have earned a minimum of 300 trophies each.

- One of them has played 10 games and the other has earned a minimum of 300 trophies.

How and when does a fish get a red glow?

While in the game you can see fishes with a red glow. This indicates danger that the fish is bigger than you and is capable of eating you! So consider moving away from those fishes.

How to Purchase Skin?

You can purchase skin to upgrade the looks of your fish. In the game window, click on the fish to see the list of fish you own. Again click on the fish you would like to purchase the skin for. Click on the ‘Customize’ button located on the top left and choose the skin you like and click on ‘Buy Now’.

How to Play EatMe.io

You can download EatMe.io game from the android play store and iOS app store. The game is free to download and you can enjoy playing right away.

What are the controls of EatMe.io

You can choose from the virtual joystick or from the tap to move option. You can always change the controls by going to settings > Controls to select your option.

What happens when the fish splits? How to merge?

You can split the fish to increase the speed and eat more food at a time. You can swim in one direction to merge together as one giant fish.

Can I change the name once set?

You can change your Alias by going to settings > Tutorial to set your new name. Once you set a new name you can skip the tutorial to start playing again.

Can I play with friends?

You have the option to connect with Facebook and you can invite your friends. You can join in the same room to connect with your friends. View the scores in the leaderboard section.

How to evolve in a game

You need to collect all the items needed for evolution by unlocking fishing bowls. Once the items are collected, you need to hatch it. Once hatched, you can evolve by eating more fish.