Distribution of Rewards

What are Tournaments?

Battle against the best players in the world of EatMe.io and see where you stand. You will be one among 20 other players and will be competing against the leaderboard.

Tournaments run for an entire month. You can win Fish Bowls, Fish Tanks and Gold Coins based on your leaderboard standings. To advance to higher levels called tournament tiers, you need to win ‘Tournament Stars’ that are received by ranking in daily tournaments. Following are the rewards that you can win by finishing the EatMe.io tournaments in each tier:

Tier Winner Rank Reward Star Reward
Bronze 1st Rare Bowl 2 Star
2nd 2500 Gold 1 Star
3rd 1500 Gold 1 Star
4-5th 1000 Gold 0
6th-10th 750 Gold 0
11th-15th 250 Gold 0
Silver 1st Epic Bowl 1 Star
2nd Rare Bowl 1 Star
3rd 2000 Coins 1 Star
4-5th 1500 Coins 0
6th-10th 1000 Coins 0
11th-15th 500 Coins 0
Gold 1st Giant Tank 1 Star
2nd Epic Bowl 1 Star
3rd Rare Bowl 0
4-5th 2000 Coins 0
6th-10th 1500 Coins 0
11th-15th 1000 Coins 0
Diamond 1st Magical Tank 1 Star
2nd Giant Tank 0
3rd Epic Bowl 0
4-5th 3000 Coins 0
6th-10th 2500 Coins 0
11th-15th 1500 Coins 0
Legendary 1st Super Magical 1 Star
2nd Magical 0
3rd Giant 0
4-5th 4000 Coins 0
6th-10th 3000 Coins 0
11th-15th 2000 Coins 0

Daily Tournaments

A season in EatMe.io is distributed into a month long daily tournaments. Please find the daily tournament schedule below:

Time ZoneTournament Timing
United States (EDT)10:00 PM New York time every day
South America (BRT)10.00 PM Sao Paulo time every day
Europe (CEST)10.00 PM Berlin time every day
Asia Pacific (AEST)10:00 PM Sydney time every day

Eg. Players in the Thailand will be in the Asia-Pacific time zone which is 9:00 AM Thailand Time (ICT)

Note: You need to join the tournament 3 hours before it concludes.

Daily / Weekly Leaderboard Rewards

The leaderboard section of EatMe.io lists the daily and weekly rank of players. Rewards are given out to the top 100 winners at the end of daily and weekly leaderboards. Following are the reward details:

Leaderboard Type Winner Rank Reward
Daily 1st Giant Tank
2nd Epic Bowl
3rd Rare Bowl
4-5th 1000 Coins
6th-10th 750 Coins
11th-15th 500 Coins
26th-50th 250 Coins
51st-75th 125 Coins
76th-100th 50 Coins
Weekly 1st Magic Tank
2nd Giant Tank
3rd Epic Bowl
4-5th 2500 Coins
6th-10th 2000 Coins
11th-15th 1000 Coins
26th-50th 750 Coins
51st-75th 500 Coins
76th-100th 250 Coins

How to invite & connect with friends?

To invite friends to EatMe.io, you need to navigate to the ‘Friends’ section. You can connect and invite your friends in multiple ways.

Invite & connect using Facebook:

1) On the left-hand side of the window, click on the ‘Connect Facebook’ button to connect your account to Facebook and to save the progress of the game.
2) Once connected, you can see all your Facebook friends who play EatMe.io in your friends list automatically.
3) To invite friends, click on the ‘Facebook Invite’ button
4) On the next window, select the friends that you would like to invite and click on ‘Send’ button.
5) You can earn 5 coins per every invite sent; additionally, you can also collect 10 shells if your friend accepts your invite and play EatMe.io! How cool is that?

Connect using player ID:

1) On the left-hand side of the window, click on the ‘Search by ID’ button
2) Enter your friend’s EatMe.io player ID (Player ID can be found in the settings menu)
3) Once your friend accepts your request, they will be added to your friend’s list

Invite using share feature:

1) On the left-hand side of the window, click on the ‘Share’ button
2) Choose any medium available on your mobile device (WhatsApp, Email and so forth) to share the invite with your friends.

How to play with friends?

The more the merrier! Play with your friends in EatMe.io, defeat them in the underwater battle and earn bragging rights! Once you have connected your friends, you will be able to see your friends list. To play with your friends:

1) Click on ‘Start Game With Friends’ button
2) An invite will be sent to all your friends, wait for your friends to join the game.
3) Once your friends have joined, click on ‘Start Now’ button to begin the game.

How and when does a fish get a red glow?

While in the game you can see fishes with a red glow. This glow indicates danger that the fish is bigger than you and is capable of eating you! So consider moving away from those fishes.

How to Purchase Skin?

You can purchase skin to upgrade the looks of your fish.

1) In the game window, click on the fish to see the list of fish you own.
2) Again click on the fish you would like to purchase the skin for.
3) Click on the ‘Customize’ button located on the top left
4) Choose the skin you like
5) Click on ‘Buy Now’.

How to Play EatMe.io?

You can download EatMe.io game from the android play store, iOS app store. You can also visit www.eatme.io from a web browser to play on your computer. The game is free to download, and you can enjoy playing right away.

What are the controls of EatMe.io

You can choose to play with the ‘virtual joystick’ or the ‘tap to move’ option. You can change the controls from Settings > Controls.

What happens when the fish splits? How to merge?

You can split the fish to increase the speed and eat more food at a time. You can swim in one direction to merge together as one giant fish.

Can I change the name once set?

Yes, you can modify the names once set.

1) Click on your name to display the profile pop up
2) Click on the edit button
3) Enter new name
4) Click on OK

Can I play with friends?

You have the option to connect with Facebook and also invite your friends using their player id. You can join in the same room to connect with your buddies. View the scores in the leaderboard section.

How to evolve in a game

You need to collect all the items required for evolution by unlocking fishing bowls. Once the items are collected, you need to hatch it. Once hatched, you can evolve by eating more fish and food.

What is a Clan?

The Clan feature in EatMe.io is designed to allow players to join and battle as a group! You will have access to exclusive clan features like ‘Clan Buffs’ & ‘Hats’ only if you are part of a clan!

How to Join a Clan?

Clans are unlocked once the user play 5 games. To join a clan,

1) Tap on the ‘Clan’ tab
2) Under search section, find the clan you would want to join. Various filters are available to narrow down your search.

Open Clans: You can join the open clans without needing to be accepted by the clan leader..

Invite Only Clans: You have the option to ‘Request Membership' to the clan.

Closed Clans: You can accept to join the clan if the clan leader personally invites you.

How to Create a Clan?

You can navigate to the ‘Create Clan’ section to give your clan a name, description and select the clan type (Open, Invite Only, Closed). It will cost you 1000 coins to create a clan!

How to Invite Friends to a Clan?

Once you have created your clan, you can invite your friends by tapping on the 'Invite’ button found on the clan details page. You need to enter the Player id of your friend which can be found in the bottom right of their settings window.

How to Upgrade Clan Levels?

To level up your clan, you need to donate items and coins. Every member of the clan can contribute by donating items and coins.

What are the Roles of a Clan Leader?

The clan leaders can invite members in the clan, transfer clan ownership, set clan goals, make clan announcements and kick members out of the clan.

What are Clan Events?

Clan Events are awesome features that will be coming in the near future :)

What are Clan Buffs?

Clan Buffs grant the clan members with additional skills and capabilities for a limited time! Clan levels unlock powerful clan Buffs. Members need to donate gold to trigger the buffs.

What are Clan Quests?

You can unlock clan quests at certain clan levels. First Clan Quest slot unlocks at level 2; the second Clan Quest slot unlocks at level 4. New quests are added to the quest pool once you level up your clan. You can earn coins, shells and clan specific resources once the quest is completed.

How to Unlock Hats?

Hats are unlocked at certain Clan Levels. You need to donate the listed items to unlock the hats. They are equipped from the fish selection window.

What is a Challenge?

Are you up for a challenge? Complete the challenges and win coins and items that include clan specific resources and legendary items to unlock the legendary fish.

What are the types of challenges?

Fishy Challenge: You can join the ‘Fishy Challenge’ for free for the first level. You need to place 1st in three battles to win the challenge. Players get 3 lives to complete the challenge.

Deep Sea Challenge: You can join the ‘Deep Sea Challenge’ for free for the first level. You need to place 1st in three battles to win the challenge. Players get 3 lives to complete the challenge.

Hardcore Challenge: Hardcore challenges are extreme challenges for pro players to reap big rewards! You need to place 1st in three battles and you have only one life to complete the objective!

Fish Specific Challenges: Apart from the random challenges, there are fish specific challenges. You have 3 lives to place first with a single fish. These challenges below will be available even for users who do not have the fishes unlocked. Below are the list of challenges depending on the different fish:.

· Piranha Challenge
· Pufferfish Challenge
· Turtle Challenge
· Octopus Challenge
· Bluewhale Challenge
· Sharky Challenge

What are Rank Points?

Now every fish has a rank starting from 1 to 15. Every ranking up unlocks the level cap associated with each rank displayed in the below table. Every evolution requires 5 ranks to unlock the next evolution. To increase the rank points you need to feed the fish with resources and parts obtained from fishbowls. You are no longer limited by item's wrt to the fish. Any part/item can be fed to any fish obtained from fishbowls.

Rarity Rank Max Level Rank Points
0 4 0
Common 1 8 500
2 12 700
3 16 980
Uncommon 4 20 1372
5 24 1921
6 28 2689
Rare 7 32 3765
8 36 5271
9 40 7379
Epic 10 44 10331
11 48 14463
12 52 20248
Legendary 13 56 28347
14 60 39686
15 64 55560

For example:- If you unlock a common Octopus from a fishbowl, to rank up you need to feed the fish with parts/items, which you can obtain by opening a fish bowl, once you rank up from 1 to 3 stars and you will need to obtain the uncommon piranha from the fishbowl to rank up further and so on until Legendary .

I have all the parts/items but how to unlock a fish evolution?

Please note that you can unlock evolution by ranking up your fish. Once you have 6 stars in your rank the next evolution should automatically unlock. To rank up you need to feed your fish which you can do with not only same fish’s parts but with any part you find.

Please note that to evolve/upgrade any fish you need to get a rarity, which can be obtained from opening fish bowl or by playing in higher level fish regions and to rank up(which is limited by rarity), you need to feed food to any particular fish(i.e. Octopus, Seahorse etc.), the level is limited as per rank you have.

For example:- If you unlock a piranha from a fishbowl, to rank it up you need to unlock a rarity, which you can obtain by opening a common fish bowl or by playing with your fish in higher level fish regions, once you rank up from 1 to 2 star then your corresponding level will also move up from 4 to 8 respectively.

Why is there a glow around every fish?

Fish glow depends on the rarity of your or your opponents fish. Higher the rarity of the fish better the glow effect. Red is always danger so stay away.

How to rank up and level up the fish?

To rank up you need to feed fish with parts/items. To level up a fish you need to win more games :)