The Tale of has been in development for over a year now.  We’ve come a long way from creating a casual fish eating game to a hard core real-time multiplayer battle arena with evolving fish and shiny fish bowls.

We’re a small group of indie game developers who use to be addicted to counter-strike, battlefield, starcraft, DOTA and many more real-time strategy and/or action games as we’ve grown up.

When we started Eat Me, we have not seen a game that we can truly enjoy playing every day on mobile.  A game that can fuel our competitive fire, but also doesn’t suck 20+ hours per week of our lives to get ‘good’ at the game. A game that could make me talk crap to my friends about yesterday’s gameplay session during lunch.  A game where we can compete against each other while not being online at the same time, but at the same time, providing features that can be very competitive while playing online at the same time.

As Junglee Games explored the mobile casino genre in India, came out and started going viral in April 2015.  When we got that special feeling ” HOLY CRAP RUN AWAY FROM THAT HUGE GIANT THING “. It clicked… The simple, fast pace mechanics of surviving and eating was awesome and could be a lot better.  The ideas began to whisper during lunch and dinner conversations in the office.  Clash Royale soft launched with some of the best real-time strategy mechanics that our office also fell heavily addicted to.

2016 is the year that we finally started finding the “fun” in real-time competitive games on mobile.

We always knew that people are going to egg us for copying elements from clash royale and clash of clans, but there’s something they are doing wrong that both genres combined together will provide the ultimate battle arenas for friends who like to play in real time and/or casually together on mobile.

  1. and needs tournaments and needs a winner. It’s one of the most viral competitive games the world has seen, and you can’t properly compete with each other. It’s king of the hill where the winner has to give up because they get bored of idling in the room naturally eating up smaller dots.
  2. Clash Royale is a strategy game heavily based on statistics. If you are doing well, and rank up the charts, you will inevitably be matched against someone who has stronger cards than you and you will lose.
  3. We love 5v5, 10v10 co-op games and both of these games haven’t given this to the world. We’re going to do it properly through clan battles and random match ups.
  4. The feeling of being on fire and progressing in battle.  League of Legends does this well in their MOBA where you start at level 1 and become insanely awesome at level 18.  Double kill, Triple kill – the feeling of a blood bath left in your wake after making an epic move on your enemies.  Agar does well at feeling like the “King” of the room, but you don’t look cooler, you don’t get stronger.  Our battle evolution system has been built to make this more fun.
  5. Competitive games can’t be pay to win.  We’ve added elements where paying truly gives you little-to-no advantage other than unlocking more fish faster and respawning quicker.  No payer can get something that a free player can’t accomplish by watching videos, earning shells and playing quests.  If you want to win, you have to get good at a truly skill-based game – not stat based game.

We’re gamers inspired to simply make a fun, competitive game that we want to play and have been heavily influenced by games we fell in love playing.  We’ll be honest and transparent with that fact and we have a lot more polish to do on eat me. We have issues we need to fix today that the community is reporting. Our tournaments aren’t perfect yet and may seem unfair at the beginning – but this is all due to the fact that we want to build a community first game where is built with the players, not for the players.

Join us on Reddit and let us know if you want forums, slack, twitch video sessions, our team is listening and reading every single comment on youtube, google play and apple while trying to make this game awesome.

We sincerely look forward to hearing from you all and hope you all fall in love with the idea of as much as we have.

~Team Eat Me