Ready, get set! Devour!

We have been busy making lots of under the hood changes and improvements. It has been a tough few weeks and we would like to thank you for hanging in there.

With this new release we are bringing in some major changes to make things better for everyone. We are happy to bring this to you and hope you guys are having fun in the game so far (we already know but just throwing it in there :D).

The latest update includes a brand new feeding system to improve your fish, balancing and regions to get better rewards. This will make sure you will have more underwater fish-eat-fish fun.

So .. what’s new?

From Shallow Rivers to Water Dungeons.. We got it all!


Level up your fish to unlock new regions! Playing in higher regions will offer better bowls with better rewards! Can you make it to the Frenzy Ocean?

They are Hungry and Angry! Feed them and make ‘em Strong!

1024x768_feedEarn fish from bowls and feed your favorites to make ‘em fast and strong! No more waiting for the right part, you pick your own winners! Feed your fish to unlock more speed, agility, skills and EVOLUTIONS!
Open bowls to unlock fish of higher rarity. Already have the Rare Shark? Now earn the Legendary Shark! Keep feeding him to raise him to the Frenzy Pinnacle.

Level Up & Unlock Rare Items from Bowls!


Play in higher level regions to earn better bowls. Higher level bowls will award you fantastic new fish and a chance to grab your hands on better items!

Step Up your Game & Be a Top Fish!

Your clan consists of only the top aquatic killers and now you can prove to be the best! Climb the ranks on the clan leaderboard to show-off your munching skills!

100+ Fixes to Improve your Gameplay

Why the change?
The parts system was fun! But earning better fish always came down to luck. We want players to have more control to upgrade their favorite fish.

New fish … new fish?!
Yes, new fish! We have 5 new fish ready to go and will be dropping them into the water one by one very soon!

First up Sword Fish!

Nom Nom!