Long Time, No Eat!

Hello Eaters!

We’re back in action and excited for the new year ahead.  We’ve released a lot of hot fixes and updates and finally updated our website to play eatme.io on the web!

What has happened since our last post?

  • Tournaments are stable!
  • No more crashes on iOS!
  • Tons of optimizations and graphics fixes
  • 100+ Bugs fixed
  • Daily Rewards!
  • New Turtle Bomb Animation!
  • Eat Me Web Version!!!!

As you can see – we’re really trying to fix everything to be more stable and fun.

As per www.eatme.io now allowing you to play on the web.  We know it takes a while to download which we will improve over time and we will add Google Account logins soon so you can connect your Google Play + Web versions seamlessly.

We still have tens of small issues that we’re focusing on, but finally we are starting on some new features this week.  Friend invitations are going to be more simple and understandable and Friends Gifting is going to be much more rewarding!  We’re also introducing two new fishy friends…


Crabby! (Common) – Ability Bursts the Crab Forward in a snapping motion, temporarily putting crabby in an invincible bubble while doing damage (removing a % of food) the target.  Crabby will be the first fish that does not have an evolution.



Angerler (Legendary) – Ability turns on it’s light to attract fish towards it.  Evolutions increase the range of light that attract the fish.  Legendary fish could only be obtained through winning Diamond and Legendary bowls in tournaments!


And in the not to distant future – we’re finally adding what everyone has been asking for! CLANS! We are going to have a lot of unique features for clans to collaborate with each other and compete with each other.


Thank you all for your support! We’re looking forward to continuing to building Eat Me with you! We’ll have forums up soon so we can all discuss what’s next and build eat me into a bigger, and better fish – eat – fish frenzy!