Eat Me 3.0.2 Update


We’ve finally got a new patch out which took more time than expected, but we hope you will be happy.

Here are the highlights:

  • 28 Bug fixes and 24 UI/UX improvements.
    • This includes when you collect all the parts, we got a cool looking egg for the hatching phase of the fish.
    • Almost all crashes that we can find on iOS have been resolved.
    • There is still one known issue where the leaderboard locks up, we are looking into this.
    • Performance improvements have increased FPS, decreased memory and decreased install size by 50Mb.
      • The phone should not heat up as much anymore.
  • Tournaments are now fixed and a few changes have occurred
    • We had major issues with our global servers. There are still many improvements we want to do with tournaments, but they are working properly as they were designed!
    • Tournament Tickets now drop 50% of the time from fish bowls.
  • Bombs are working
    • When you get too close to a sea bomb – the spikes will come out and warn you that you should beware!

What’s coming soon?

We are working hard at preparing for a global launch. We have a ton we want to do, but we want the game to simply run smooth without many issues. The main things we need to fix are playing with friends, gifts and rewards for inviting friends which has a few issues.  Additionally, we want to make tournaments feel awesome so we are changing the background and going to add notifications to let you know when you are falling behind the leaderboard.  We are also going to setup tournaments to be local to your region.  Europe, America and Asia will have separate tournaments so that the tournaments will end at 10PM in the local time.  In the future, we will do some blog posts about the tournament changes as we change them.  Here’s a preview of the new background:


Two new features in the next release will be the ability to share a screenshot or video of the game to the web. This will help people find the game and also allow the developers of the project to easily post tips and tricks in the game as there are a ton of pro tips to share :).

The next feature we are adding is sales. We will add bundle deals for people to purchase as they progress through the game alongside an announcement system to see blog posts and updates.

Aside from the above, we are adding tons of bug fixes and UI improvements.

Stay tuned for more updates and see you guys on the leaderboards!